Using a My Mackenzie – How We Work

Many people are unfamiliar with what exactly happens when you contact a My Mackenzie. We offer a three choices of appropriate professionals available to you: Solicitor, Barister or Mackenzie Friend. Our aim is to be as open and transparent as possible. We want to take you through what happens when you contact us with your enquiry. My Mackenzie always tailor our services to meet your exact needs and circumstances.  

Our Process

You can get in touch – via phone, email, enquiry form or even visit us.

We work on appointment system so it’s better to call ahead to make sure we can see you.

We can give you a call at a time convenient to you to discuss your issue and answer any questions  you may have. (this is free)

We arrange an initial appointment at a time and location convenient to you.

We let you know who will be working on your matter, the time-frames we expect and the estimated costs involved.

We use our vast experience to reach a satisfactory conclusion in as short a time as possible, keeping you regularly updated and being available to answer any questions you may have.

How we charge

We always try and fix a price where possible – this way you know exactly what costs you can expect.

Sometimes this means we fix a price for the next stage or for part of a job, leaving future stages or any uncertain parts of the job to be priced at a later stage when the facts are better known.

If it is completely impossible for us to set a figure, then we will agree to limit fees to a particular amount and not proceed further without your confirmation.

Hourly Rate: We are always happy to do matters on an hourly-rate basis, which some clients prefer.


when you see us

To ensure we are able to get things moving as quickly as possible, it’s helpful if you can bring the following to your appointment:

Identification such as a passport or photo driving licence

Any papers that relate to or may relate to the particular matter in hand 

we are happy and experienced at looking through large quantities of papers very quickly to find what is relevant.

Don’t worry about bringing in carrier bags full of papers – we will process them and decide what is important.

We find out as much out as about your situation as posible. We give you information about costs up front.

We tell you who will be dealing with your matter and their status i.e. solicitor or Barister or Mackenzie friend.

We agree the scope of work involved. For example, we agree exactly what we will and will not do. We will always set out any limitations on our advice and tell you what the next steps are.